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Le GROUPE LANDEAU est heureux de vous présenter LANDEAU Tôlerie : Laser, Cisaille, Presse Plieuse, Poinçonneuse (conventionnelle ou cnc), Rouleuse ...

Groupe Landeau


GROUPE LANDEAU created in 1977 by Jacques LANDEAU, is one of the European leaders for the trade of the machine tools high technology, second-hand machines and injection moulding machines.


Our know-how and our seriousness enabled us to distribute the world #1 of the manufacturers of machine tools with numerical control : MAZAK.


Since the first machining center in 1980, we have installed 2500 MAZAK machines in the great west of France, without forgetting hundreds of other milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, EDM machines, drilling machines we have in reference.


With 4500 m2 of exhibition hall and 600 m2 of offices, it is more than 200 second-hand machines that we have in stock.


Our after-sales service made up of mechanics, electronics specialists, hydraulic engineers repairs, revises, rebuilds the machines and makes each day the reputation and the seriousness of our company.